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Eileen, when you mention that the sand letters don’t work as you wanted, this tutorial is not for writing IN the sand but writing WITH sand. That might be why it differs from what you expected.

Marlene, I have a little pinch seeing your page about Montreal, as that is where I grew up. I even went to watch an Olympic event at the Stadium back in 1976 as I had gotten tickets for my birthday that year.

Sheila, you can always start this challenge later. Just keep the emails and everything will be at your fingertips.

Dawn, I think you will end up with a lovely album. I like that consistency you have throughout the pages. It makes for a great album. If you ever decide to print it, take a picture of the finished book!

Royanne, anxious to see more pages!

Beth, did you manage to make pages with those tutorials?

I would like to thank you all for participating. I am glad you enjoyed the ideas and tutorials and that you found the time to join, to make pages and to share your work. In addition, it is great to see everyone encouraging everyone else, and get inspired by others.

Continue to add pages as you finish them!