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Sheila Hogg
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Thank you so much everybody for such lovely comments.

Cassel, shadows are still scary but with your tuts they are getting easier to understand and used right they really make something 3d and I love that.

Solent, I have Cassels glitter and Sparkle scripts and made these scatters some time ago but i can’t remember exactly how as I was playing. I know i used the brush variance (love that) to make the variations of the scatter. I will play some more and let you know.

Dawn, I always use my own stuff apart from what Cassel gives us so that I don’t infringe on CR which is a minefield and tangled up with legal jargon. My mantra to myself is, if I don’t make it I don’t use it to stay out of trouble. With a bit of know how, Cassels scripts and tuts you are only limited by your imagination.


Sheila xx



Sheila xx