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Royanne Hewko
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Thanks for the inspiration, AGAIN.  I love all of your work and please continue to post it really is great to see all the creative ideas.   I had this picture of our daughter sleeping with our granddaughter after an exhausting morning.  I did not know how to scrapbook it.   Then I applied the fantasy idea.   It is simple but I really like the results.  I just matched to background color to the color of the sheets added airbrush effect with cass-AirbrushedPaper.  Only 2 colors the color of the sheets and a bit darker color.   The main picture I just cut out the narrow strip of the headboard and part of the blankets.   Then I blended it by using the eraser low hardness and low opacity, on the top and bottom so it would blend into the paper.  I added some sparkle, and layer style with a small outer glow.   Added the text, I chose a script type text added a bevel.   Then I bought the Sleeping Beauty Flora, Fuana and Merryweather PNG file.  I can not remember where I bought it from I do lots of searches for Disney characters.  I applied a drop shadow to try to make it appear they are floating.  I need some extra work on that.   The page seemed a bit bare so I added the two smaller photos to the bottom left and made narrow frames and added a bevel.