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Sharon Murray
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Hi!  I guess I should introduce myself finally!  My name is Sharon and I live in North Carolina.   I joined the campus some time ago and though I read the newsletters and visit the Campus from time to time, I don’t think I’ve ever posted here!  I don’t do scrapbooking (digital or otherwise) but I love making my own elements for scrapkits that I make myself and I love using scripts.  I use PSP X9. I remember starting out on version 6 and version 9 was my all-time favorite!  I also have PhotoImpact and Photoshop but PSP is my preferred graphics program.  I have seen so many useful tutorials, tips and tricks here and I can see that Cassel really knows her stuff!  For as long as I’ve been using PSP, there’s still so much I do not know.

Thank you, Cassel for shaing all of your knowledge!  Looking forward to learning more.