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Ed McCarthy
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Hey Cassel & Dianne. Actually, I’m an artist (and a photographer). And, I’ve always used photos for references, and other projects (plenty of graphics). So, I started scanning pics and I needed to edit them. So, back in like 2001, got a scanner and picked up PSP7. I was blown away but the stuff that this program could do. Then 2003 when I got my first digital camera it became even more useful. I have between 80-100,000 photos and it’s been an invaluable tool. I have tried other programs, but it pretty much this is the best program hands down, in my opinion. I know lots of folks poo-pooed the program after Corel bought out JASC. But, I think they’ve figured out what users wanted and needed and have since done an admiral job with it. I don’t think they actually need to release a new version every year, but hey, gotta keep relevant in the software market. Currently I’m building a new website for fine art and photography, but you can see some of my art on ETSY SITE HERE. Thanks.