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Jan Wilson
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Hi Wendy and Sheila.   @ Wendy, I don’t use DAZ Studio only PoserPro 2014 but texturing clothing (or props etc) is one of the things I wish to learn in the fact of adding lace, beading, trims – that sort of thing.  I know how to texture a template and add one of my texture tiles to it and I use a small prog called Stich Witch to do that, but it is the added touches I wish to get better at in PSP.  I have downloaded the latest DAZ Studio, but prefer Poser in which I am more familiar.


Sheila, the character models that come with the Poser program can look kind of ugly (out-of-the-box as we say)   That is where you need to purchase skins, morphs, clothes and hair for them from one of the Stores to make them look better, but that is where it can get expensive depending on your pocket lol  There is some free stuff around of course, but not as much as there once was and the stores do have forums for help.


Waves at Dianne who also used poser once.  Poser is up to version:  Poser Pro 2011 (this is the next one up from what I am using) and I agree Poser or DAZ Studio have become better over versions program wise.