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Jan Wilson
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Hi, may name is Jan and I live in NSW Australia.   For many years, I used PhotoImpact as my graphic program but now have moved on to PSP fairly recently.   I got PSP X8, installed it, opened it and got dismayed at where to start – went back to PhotoImpact X3 in which I felt more comfortable.  I finally looked around the Web and found some basic tutorials and opened the program again and “fiddled” around.


One day I discovered Scrapbook Campus, so I registered and did some practicing with the information here.  I am nowhere comfortable in my ability so far, I think I forget more and learn something else but am getting better gradually.

I am not a scrap booker as such but want to learn more.   I use a program called PoserPro 2014 and wish to use PSP more proficiently in postwork for the images I create in Poser and to make textures from templates for some of the models you use in Poser.  I also like my Photography so would like to be more creative in that.

I have just updated PSP to X9 for I was having crashing issues with X8 on my Laptop and so far find it much more stable for me.

So G’day to you all and thanks.