12 types of titles for scrapbook project

Although not every scrapbook page needs to have a title, they can add a touch of fun or information to the story and for the viewer. If you want to add a title to your page, here are twelve types you can consider.


You use a title that identifies the place where the story takes place, and the rest of the details will be added in the journaling. It could be a country, a city, a landmark, etc.

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Another way you can use a single word in a title is to choose one word that refers to a particular event, activity or action. By summarizing the story in the title, the photos will usually speak for themselves.

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You can also find a title that depicts a specific attribute or result of the event or story in the page.

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Although it can be something very obvious, you can also choose a word that has a different meaning, or that can hint to something else.



Using a name to identify the subject in the photo, it is always a good idea when you are unsure, because the viewer might not always know who this person is. Having their name in the title will be the detail needed to understand the story.

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Whether it is a family relationship or an acquaintance, labeling the subject will also help the viewer. Was this your grandma? or your great-aunt? What that your son or your nephew or even your neighbor?

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This type of title is quite obvious as we have surely seen it left and right: using sentiment to color the whole project. You could use a title that would be similar to what you would have on the cover of a greeting card, like "Congratulation" or "Happy Birthday".

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An Idiom or Expression

Sometimes, you need more than one word to create your title. Some short phrases convey a whole lot of information about the story and the photos. Using idioms and phrases open up a wide range of options for choosing your title.

Play on word

Although most titles might be obvious, sometimes, we want to play a little on words, either using homonyms, or words in a slightly different sense.

Borrowed titles

Although you might want to add your own title to your project, sometimes, you might want to borrow the title of a book, a movie, or a song. There are so many that you can use! If they fit your project, they could also be recognized by the viewer.

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This type of title could refer to a question to the viewer about the project or a question that is attributed to the subject in the page.

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Although the layout can "speak" to the viewer, some titles can also be about the viewer "speaking" to the subject. That is one way to cheer as if we were there, on the sideline.

Kick it
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If you have read old superhero books, or watched movies, many of them have used written onomatopoeia in order to convey action. You can do the same with your projects.

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