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Toys are part of every child's life, and every adult's childhood memory. Toys have evolved a lot over time, and what you played with is somewhat different than what your kids play with now, and also different than what your parents played with. Toys are the tools for the kids to learn, explore and entertain themselves. They are everywhere (including under your foot!), and we have so many photos of children playing quietly with their favorite toys, children discovering their new toys, or just showcasing what they have. Let's see some scrapbook ideas to showcase some toy photos.

Let's show off

Every child loves to show off. Why not snap a picture of their prized possession, and make it into a scrapbook page!

Layout from Scotroots


Antique toys

What did kids play with, 20 years ago? 50 years ago? 100 years ago? Do you happen to have some of them that were handed down from generation to generation? Or just old pictures of them? You might as well showcase them because today's kids might never have seen them!

Layout from Iowan@Heart

Of course, grandma might still have a few of those older toys! A pleasure to discover!

Layout from Nylene Motherbambi

Toddler toys

Toddlers are simply mesmerized by toys. All kinds of toys. They will spend their days playing with them. So what are those toys they love?

Layout from Heather J. Landry


Bigger kids toys

It is not only for toddlers, but bigger kids also love to show off their toys.

Layout from ElisabethB


And some might have a few toys that are a little ... noisier than others.

Layout by SonjaC


Grown up toys

Let's not forget the grown-ups. Yes, those might not be called "toys" any longer, but they still are those "objects they can explore, learn from or be entertained with". Close enough to the definition of TOYS.

Layout from Memories.matter


Unusual toys

Not all toys are created equal, and sometimes, the most unusual object in the household will be used as a toy. Kids are so creative!

Layout by Cassel


Featured toy

If you happen to have a single, most favorite toy, or a toy that has a special history, you can surely make it the star of your next scrapbook page. Do you still have one toy from your childhood?

Layout from Muldrs


No matter what time of year it is or how old you are, i bet you have some toy photos. Did you already have a layout (or a few) with those? If so, go have a peek at them again and remember the fun you had. If not, maybe it is time to create one!

Whatever project you have that relates to toys (big toys, little toys, baby toys or toddler toys), you can use this alphabet to write a title or a name. They are using basic colors (primary plus green that seemed to fit well). The colors of the letters are randomly chosen.

Simply click HERE to get your quick page.

Don't forget to share your layouts too! We'd love to see how you use these blocks.

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