Creative Christmas Bundle 2015

Are you ready for Christmas? If you are like me, you are not. Maybe you started a few things. Maybe you have started on your shopping. Maybe you already have the list of who you will send Christmas cards. Maybe you have some plans for Advent activities for the kids (remember, that will start on December 1st, so that will come fast). But maybe you want this Christmas to be a bit different. Maybe you would like to create a few handmade crafts or projects, but like last year, and the year before, you will probably get to it... too late. Here is the solution!

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What is in there?

Lots of stuff. for just about everyone. This is not a bundle where you will find only one or two products that you can use. In fact, if you have a computer and a printer, you can probably use all of the products!

Christmas Planner Square ImageYou need a planner?

Lisa has a series of printable to-do lists, and other lists to make it easier to prepare for that last hectic month of December, while remembering all the important elements, like a grocery list, shopping list, address list for those you need to send cards or presents. Print it before December so you won't miss anything.

Need to create your Advent calendar?

Whatever type of Advent calendar you choose, you might want to add some activities to each day instead of candies (kids will have enough at Christmas). You can print little activity tags from Karen's Happy Holiday Printable. Snuggling, singing, baking, decorating, and more. And if you don't want to make those as part of a calendar, why not just pick them out from a hat (a red hat, of course)?

Get your cards ready

As part of the bundle, I am offering you 12 cards and envelope templates (or sketches) to create your own cards. If you are a digital scrapper, use all the supplies you want to create your cards and envelopes and then print them. If you are a paper crafter, use the sketches to inspire you and you will have unique cards everyone will love to get. Make sure you mail them early enough! Everything is in the 12 Cards for Christmas. And make sure you come back tomorrow for the Blog hop: there is a bonus for you!

Don't miss those photos!

Are you always feeling like you forgot to take a picture of this because you were too busy? Check out Alice's Scrapbook Christmas in January class. Did I say January? Well, why wait after the holidays and miss all the fun? Alice has daily prompts for December too, so you can take the photos in December, and scrap them in January. How clever?

Melissa-OrnamentKids want to help

Melissa has a fun printables to make some super simple but how so clever decorations for the tree, or for anywhere else. I love those ornaments, and they are sooooo easy to make for kids of all ages. That is only a part of her Digital Art Kit. You can start early in December, or just a few days before Christmas since they are quick to make!

Hungry now?

With all that talk about the holiday, I am starting to smell some baking. OK, it is my husband making some shortbread in the kitchen (my favorite). Do you smell it? Do you want the recipe? Check out Alison's part of the bundle. Oh, I forgot: don't tell anyone, as it is a secret part from her. Shhh!

Have you started wrapping yet?

Every year, when the kids were young, we had a craft night when we made gift tags. We would never buy them at the store. Instead, we used leftover pieces of papers, wrapping paper, colored cardstock, ribbons, etc. The whole night would fly and we ended up with very creative tags. You can do the same with Cara's December printable and put them everywhere: gift tags, place cards, greeting cards, planner, calendar, and why not on your grocery list too!

Need some wall decor?

Beth has four great ideas to create paper decorations that are simple and stunning. If you have a scor board (if you are a paper crafter), it will be very easy, but if you don't have one (like me), you can easily use other tools around the house to create lovely decorations that you can even keep for next year (what a way to get ready). Check out her Big Scor - Christmas edition! And why not do those with the kids too?

Where is that to-do list?


Click on the calendar to see it full size and even download it!

Guess what?

There is still much more in the bundle than listed here. Remember, there are 14 contributing designers, meaning 14 fantastic products. Are you curious yet? Well, in order to be first in line to get this bundle, register for the mailing list. Don't worry, we won't flood your inbox! Registration is free and even better, you will get a bonus FREE tutorial to create a treat box.

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