Photoshop resources for PaintShop users?

A lot of graphic artists using PaintShop Pro have complained, over the years that Photoshop users have access to more resources. Maybe that is true, but did you know that PaintShop Pro users can sneak up on many of those Photoshop goodies? Let’s see what PSP users are NOT missing.

PaintShop Pro can open PSD files

PSDfileAlthough PSD files are typically Photoshop format. Many layered files available online, and in digital stores are PSD because, unlike jpg and png format, they retain the layers. This is often the “standard” format for templates, whether they are layout templates, element templates or even paper templates. Don’t assume that the PSD files can only be opened by Photoshop. That is not the case. Although some features or special types of layers like styles and vector layers will not be retained in their original format, most of the other layers are kept intact. Since most layered templates are just about shapes (digital scrapbook templates, Facebook timeline template, etc.) PaintShop Pro users can open most of them without any problem. Isn’t it nice to have that option?

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