48 hours of free tutorials for DSD

Digital Scrapbook Day is coming November 3rd. For that occasion we are planning to offer you a glimpse of the classroom for free. Twelve Paintshop Pro tutorials will be available for you over a 48 hour span on November 3-4. Every tutorial will be presented 4 times so you will be able to access them wherever you are in the world, whatever your time zone.


Which tutorials will be available? You decide. It is almost like “Tutorials on demand”. Here is a list of those currently available in the Campus and you tell us which ones you would want to view. The tutorials who are most in demand will be programmed to play during those 48 hours. Simple enough? Here is the list you can pick from.

Paper Creation

  • Plaid (1)
  • Plaid (2)
  • Polka-dot
  • Gingham
  • Eyelet Fabric

Text and Titles

  • Dymo tape
  • Wet Paint
  • Stamped Text
  • Postmark

Ribbons and Bows

  • Twill
  • RicRac
  • Bows
  • Nylon Strap
  • Tulle Lace
  • Bow
  • Embroidered Edge
  • Weaving


  • Frayed Edge
  • Worn Edge
  • Lace Edge
  • Torn Edge
Paper Use

  • Folded corner
  • Decorative Border
  • Decorative Border (2)


  • Zipper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Wax Seal
  • Elastic
  • Bobby Pins
  • Slipped in photo
  • Straight pin
  • Stitching with font
  • Hand stitching
  • Belt buckle
  • Screwhead
  • Paperclip


  • Sand
  • Denim
  • Felt
  • Quilting
  • Knitting
  • Wrinkled
  • Grungy
  • Embossing
  • Rust
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
Tags and Journaling

  • Bar Code
  • Ticket
  • Leather Tag
  • Metallic element
  • Notebook paper

Photo Use

  • Simple Photo Border
  • Irregular Photo Border
  • Curved Photo
  • Folded Photo
  • Aged Photo


  • Ribbon Frame
  • Postage Stamp


  • Braid
  • Sticker
  • Wool
  • Glitters
  • Feather
  • Sequins
  • Snowflake
  • Squiggles
  • Pearls
  • Lollipop

All the tutorials are using only the native tools and features of Paintshop Pro and can be accomplished with any version (well, i didn’t test it with the ooooold versions like 7, which is over 10 years old). No outside plugin is required.

Most videos are about 10 minutes or less so you will be able to watch them, and continue doing something else, like scrapping, shopping, designing, etc.

Go for it. Pick your favorites. Pick the ones you are the most curious about. Pick the ones you know how to do but want to see if there is another way to do. Pick the elements you would LOVE to create yourself instead of having to rely on what you can find on the net.

The schedule will be posted when all the suggestions are compiled. Send your friends over so they can vote too!

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  1. I’d love to Edges, paper use, photo use and miscellaneous (I still love using brads and not many designers make them anymore, so I’d love to be able to make my own!)

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