Digital Scrapbooking – Teaching tool for homeschooler

Following last article on Teaching with Scrapbooking, here is an experience shared by Wendy, a homeschooling mom.

“If my children view it as fun or a craft, they enjoy it…”


One of the things that I am trying to teach the oldest with digital scrapbooking is journaling.  Journaling plays an important part of our layout, telling the story of what is happening with the photos and why you are scrapping that particular incident.  However to journal, one must have proper grammar and spelling.  So to use journaling with education, I am teaching her the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” of journaling and thinking throughout full and proper sentences.  While she is not the best writer, she tries at putting a complete though to her journaling which in turn has helped her with her reports for school.


Scrapbooking can teach shapes and color recognition as well as being able to match or coordinate colors correctly.  My oldest had no idea that some colors didn't match while others did so with the help of digital scrapbooking we were able to review colors and what works well within the color palette.  Now at ten, she has an eye for color and knows exactly what color goes together and how it should be scrapped, or most times what clothing matches on her outfit that she picked out for the day.  On the other hand, my youngest is still learning this concept.  We've gone through the colors, she is good at knowing her colors, but when it comes to mixing and matching she struggles a little.  However when I open a digital scrapbooking kit, she can see why they put the colors together in that product.  She is slowly learning how to put all the colors together and one day, I'll have two children who can color coordinate better than myself! 


There are many ways that you can teach through digital scrapbooking.   You can teach History through digital scrapbooking, by having the children scrapbook about their family history perhaps a family tree, or even something in history such as the Civil War.  If my children view it as fun or a craft, they enjoy it and actually learn a lot quicker and remember what they are learning because not only did they have to look up the information and journal about it, but they also found photos to scrap and use making it more of a hands on learning experience, bringing that time period to life in their eyes!

Scrapbooking can be very useful in teaching. 


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Are you a homeschooling parent? Have you ever considered using digital scrapbooking as a tool for teaching various academic subjects? Share your ideas.

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