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Custom Menus in Paintshop Pro

One of the many unique features of Paintshop Pro is the ability to customize one’s workspace. You can move the palettes and the toolbars wherever it is more convenient for you, you can open them, minimize them, even dock them. But if you are using some commands more often than others, you can save yourself a lot of time by creating your own custom menus where you will be able to access all those commands with only ONE CLICK. Talk about convenience! See how easy it is to create one or several menus to match your own workflow.

Fix your photos in less than 30 seconds

The 8 simplest tools in Paintshop Pro
to improve any photo you already have
(and they all work in less than 30 seconds!)

You will be amazed how much photos can
be improved and even salvaged!

  • to fix colors
  • to remove wrinkles
  • to straighten leaning buildings
  • ... and more