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Colored Focus on Black and White Photo with Paintshop Pro

We have often seen those fun ways to focus on a specific part of a photo by having a black and white photo while only one detail shows in color, whether it is a person, a single flower, or other. There are various ways to achieve this look and this tutorial will illustrate the one I think is the easiest and the fastest in most situations. Have fun.


If you have a great photo that you edited to show a colored focus, why don’t you send it to us, and we might want to add it to this page!


Here is photo that Wendy sent us. This is her grand daughter, Maisy.


Send us your photos too!

Here is a layout i made for a challenge a couple of years ago, with a photo where i specifically used that technique.

Here is another interesting use of the colored focus technique. This is Emmy, daughter of Josh and Cari Engelking.

(thanks to Ed Garcia for the photo)

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