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Did you ever visit a site and wondered what tool the site is using to accomplish various tasks or display the way it does? I know I have and I suspect it did happen to you so, just in case there is something on this site that you want to know more about, I am listing below the various tools I am using. There are lots of them as you can imagine. Some links are affiliate links and if you are using them, I get a small commission (thank you for using them). I will only list below tools I am currently using. And if you have any question about any of those tools, just drop me a message. I will be happy to answer you.

In Motion hosting

Any only site needs hosting, and this one is no exception. I have been with InMotion hosting since 2015 after having support issues with a previous hosting company. Since I have been with InMotion, I had zero issue. Their chat support is great as I can reach them for questions anytime of day or night. I am still using shared plan and it is fine for my needs, but they offer more than that, if you need something different.

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Backup Buddy

Any site that you work for, is worth keeping safe. Although hosting companies sometimes offer backup services, it is not always the case and it is not always under your control. In addition, restoring your site after a hack or migrating it to a different domain or a different host can definitely be a headache. I have Backup Buddy installed since almost the beginning of this site and it has served me well. My site has been hacked once. I have moved my site to a different host twice. Every time, I was able to restore it without loss. It is also a good idea to always make a backup before updating a plugin (any plugin, or even a theme or WP itself) just in case there is a bug and it causes issues. Better safe than sorry!

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Headway Theme

What I like about Headway Theme is the fact that it is very flexible. I can create a different look on each page if I want, without having to purchase a new theme. As a visual person (working in scrapbooking and graphic programs), I like the idea of seeing the changes I am making instead of relying on html or css. It is not intuitive out of the box, but simple when you understand the basics.

NOTE: as of 2017, there has been some suggestions that the theme is no longer developed or supported. The version 4.0 has bugs and support is minimal if at all, so I am still using version 3.x which works fine for me. Although I am using this theme on the site, and I love it, if you are beginner, it might not be the best for you. But it is still up to you to decide.

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This site is built on the WordPress platform and s2Member is a membership plugin that allows me to hide or display pages and content to members based on various criteria like whether the visitor is logged in or not, whether they are a registered member or not, and so on. There is a free version of s2Member that offers most of the functionalities that you need while the paid version has additional functions. It is a very powerful plugin which also means that there are lots of settings to adjust when you start so it can seem daunting at first, but once you understand the logic behind, it all makes sense.

If you want to use s2Member and want a tour of the backend of the site, just drop me an email.

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Various plugins are used on this site to give you some functionalities and help with your experience on the Campus. Here are some that you might want to consider.

KC tools

Krum has been my go-to programmer since 2011 and he built a few tools that I have used over those years. One of his plugins is the KC s2M+AC which links s2Member and Active Campaign. He has other tools, plugins and hacks on his site that integrate particularly well with s2Member.

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Sumo Me

Sumo Me plugin has a whole series of tools including that little yellow contact form on the right of this page. You can use it if you have any question and you want to reach me. You have questions? Noticed some broken links? A page is not loading correctly? You can always use that form to reach me.

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Scarcity builder

On some pages, you will find various offers that are available only for a limited period of time. In order to avoid any issue with time zones, it displays a countdown. That way, you will always know how long you have left. The plugin used to offer you that peace of mind is called Scarcity Builder. Maybe you can also use such a plugin?

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Layered Popup

Do you hate annoying popups that jumps out as soon as you land on a new page? Layered Popup has so many options to use popups in an intelligent way. Depending on where you look on the site, you might see some popups when you click a particular image or link, or at the bottom of a page, after you have a better idea of what content is on that page instead of being annoyed by a popup. If you have a site where you want to use popups that are fun and not annoying, try the Layered Popup for WP. And the author is super nice and responsive!

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Active Campaign

Once you register to this site, to download a patch, watch a Master Class video or join a course, it will add your name to my mailing list so it will allow you to stay informed of new content in the Campus, particular events, and sometimes, special offers I think you would love, even if they are not from this site. I have been using Active Campaign since 2015. I needed to "upgrade" from my previous mailing system because I outgrew it.

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A lot of content in the Campus is in video format. In order to offer you those videos, I am using Camtasia which is perfect for screen recording. I have been using this tool since about 2010 or so. This tool allows a lot of fun effects, transitions, zoom in/zoom out, call out, etc. that can help you add a professional touch to your videos, whether they are for work or for pleasure.

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Whenever you have a lot of files, or a few large ones, related to a site that is visited often, storing those files on your own server can put a strain on it and use a lot bandwidth, slowing down your site. AmazonS3 is a great place to store files and the price is very reasonable especially since you only pay for what you use.

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Easy Video Suite

Creating videos for tutorials is one thing, but embedding them on the pages can be tricky with all the possible settings. Easy Video Suite used to be Easy Video Product. It allows to upload the video files (on AmazonS3 for me), set up the format, like the size, the frame, controls, and then easily embed the resulting video onto any page of the site.

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Whether you have a business or just a home computer for leisure activities, you certainly have a lot of photos you don't want to loose, a lot of documents you worked hard for, and programs you paid good money for. You certainly don't want to loose that, right? Backing up your data is something not to take lightly. You might think that your computer is safe, but I can assure you that EVERYONE is at risk of loosing their data (and a lot of hair) when a crash or malfunction will happen (and yes, it WILL happen sooner or later). I had to start a new backup service, Backblaze recently after the previous one stopped offering individual account (focusing on businesses).

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Other tools you don't see


I discovered Loom when someone needed to send me instructions on doing something and instead of typing everything, he recorded with this handy little tool. This was a real discovery. Loom is FREE, and is online so you have nothing to download or install. It can record your screen, your camera or both. It is perfect to send a personal message to someone, explain how to do something in a program, or document something for future reference.

Initially, you only have the videos accessible for 24 hours and with a limit of 5 minutes, but as soon as you get two friends to join Loom, those restrictions are lifted.

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Trello is a fun way to organize tasks, processes, projects, to-do lists and more. It works like a digital version of individual cards that you can write on, add checklists, deadlines, images, videos and you can change categories at will. It is also perfect if you want to work with others on any project as everyone stays up-to-date on what is done, what has to be done, and so on.

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Cassel is the owner and main instructor in the Scrapbook Campus.

She has been teaching digital scrapbooking for over 10 years.

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