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THEME  – In-review layouts

THEME – In-review layouts

In the beginning of a new year, we often look back on the previous year. What did we do? Where did we go? Who did we meet? Who joined the family? Who left us? What milestones occurred during those last 12 months? And why not use scrapbooking to document and compile those events? Let’s have… Continue Reading

Theme of the Month  –  Halloween

Theme of the Month – Halloween

Whether you are celebrating Halloween or not, you can hardly ignore it with everything that appears in the stores, from treats to costumes, and everything that seems to pop up on the neighbours’ front lawn. It does not require you to participate, but you might still have stories to tell. Continue Reading

Theme of the month  –  School

Theme of the month – School

In early September (sometimes August too), it is that time again, when the kids get back to school or go for the first time. This is often a period of mixed emotions: happy to use all new supplies, happy to see the classmates from the previous years, happy to take the school bus for the… Continue Reading

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