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Theme – Snow

Theme – Snow

Winter is one of the best season that comes every year. Snow is beautiful in night and day and snow is actually fun! There’s so many fun activities that we can do with the snow. Kids love snow, and we do too! As fun as it is, it can be a fun and beautiful layout for your next project.

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Theme  –  Hair

Theme – Hair

Last year, we had amazing set of themes per month. Now, it gets more interesting as we start our first month of 2017 with hair as our theme for January. We can do a lot of things with our hair. Whether you have short or long hair, you can do different styles with it. Here… Continue Reading

Theme – Writing

Theme – Writing

Although scrapbooking is often about photos, it is mostly about stories. You can write stories, you can type them, you can print them. But did you ever create a scrapbook page about writing? Let’s see a few ideas for layouts about writing. Continue Reading

Theme  –  Games

Theme – Games

When it comes to entertainment, nothing beats good old fashion games you can play with the whole family. Good clean fun is what it is and it comes in many various forms that guarantee a good time and lots of laughter. Let’s list the popular classic games and the modern ones that people enjoy. Men,… Continue Reading

Theme  –  Renovations

Theme – Renovations

Whether you own your own house or condo or farm or even just rent a home, renovations are part of life. It could be as little as a new coat of paint, or as extensive as building a new addition to our place aren’t we often tempted to take pictures of the end result to… Continue Reading

Theme – Garden

Theme – Garden

As summer is getting a bit cooler, nature will soon be getting ready for its dormant winter (at least, in the Northern hemisphere). But throughout the summer, many people tend to their garden, from early spring with seedlings to late fall for harvest. Do you document your garden activities? Let’s have a look at a… Continue Reading

Theme – Baby

Theme – Baby

Having a baby is a gift. It is a beautiful, life-changing event. For this month’s theme here at Scrapbook Campus, let’s look at the many wonderful and precious digital scrapbook pages and ideas that we can use to features babies and all the joy they bring. They are a miracle of life and a beautiful… Continue Reading

Theme  –  Music

Theme – Music

Whether you are musically inclined or not, music is all around us. We can actively reach out for music activities like joining a choir or playing an instrument, but we can also be passively inundated with music when turning on the radio, the tv or just hearing the neighbors blast their favorite tunes. Let’s have… Continue Reading

Theme – Water

Theme – Water

Water is essential to life and in our daily lives or wherever we go, chances are you’ll encounter a body of water. When people go on vacations, a lot of times they go to the beach for a swim or they go to mountain lakes for a refreshing and relaxing time. Some people have fun with… Continue Reading

Theme – Pets

Theme – Pets

Pets are quickly becoming part of our family. Different people are attracted to different kinds of pets: pets with fur, pets with feathers, pets with scales, walking pets, flying pets, swimming pets, crawling pets. And as part of our families, they always deserve a few photos, and therefore, some scrapbook pages. Pets can be cute and… Continue Reading

Theme – Transportation

Theme – Transportation

As we go about our daily lives from past to present and with technology advancing, most of us likely have photos during our travels where we are capturing moments while riding various types of transportation vehicles. Sometimes when we are just waiting for the time while boarding a train or a bus or even an… Continue Reading

THEME  –  Birthday

THEME – Birthday

As a memory keeper and scrapbooker, birthdays are an obvious event to document. Lucky for us, everybody has one birthday every year, which can add up for many of us! Birthdays are also often associated with various traditions, like the cake, the candles, the presents, the party, and more. So, what part of a birthday… Continue Reading

THEME  –  Love

THEME – Love

As February is starting, we have already seen Valentine Day products in the stores since several weeks. Yes, February is often the month associated with love, likely because of that particular day. We are surrounded by love in our daily lives, and many scrappers will create layouts on that theme. Let’s look at various types… Continue Reading

THEME  – In-review layouts

THEME – In-review layouts

In the beginning of a new year, we often look back on the previous year. What did we do? Where did we go? Who did we meet? Who joined the family? Who left us? What milestones occurred during those last 12 months? And why not use scrapbooking to document and compile those events? Let’s have… Continue Reading

Theme of the Month  –  Halloween

Theme of the Month – Halloween

Whether you are celebrating Halloween or not, you can hardly ignore it with everything that appears in the stores, from treats to costumes, and everything that seems to pop up on the neighbours’ front lawn. It does not require you to participate, but you might still have stories to tell. Continue Reading

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