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Featured Resource  –  Wooden window script

Featured Resource – Wooden window script

Weather you are creating digital scrapbook layouts or using Paintshop Pro for other graphic projects, there are many resources that can help you. Associated with the Campus is a store, a bit like you can find a library to buy all the college books needed for courses. The store, in fact, preceded the opening of the Campus, and it includes resources that are specific to Paintshop Pro, namely scripts and picture tubes. This week, we'll look at various creative uses for the Wooden Window script. Continue Reading

Where to find fonts?

Where to find fonts?

As a scrapbooker or a graphic artist, we seem to be drawn to fonts. New fonts always catch our attention and we need it! Some of us are admitted “font-oholic” as we are collecting hundreds or thousands of fonts. Maybe this post will just make you want even more? But otherwise, these sites can be… Continue Reading

Templates for storytelling

Templates for storytelling

Are you joining the journey of “Remember when…?” Great. If you are familiar with scrapbooking (digital or traditional), you know that it is fun to start with templates or sketches, simply to get the inspiration going. But you might wonder where to go in order to find templates that might be suitable for story telling,… Continue Reading

Photoshop resources for Paintshop users?

Photoshop resources for Paintshop users?

A lot of graphic artists using Paintshop Pro have complained, over the years that Photoshop users have access to more resources. Maybe that is true, but did you know that Paintshop Pro users can sneak up on many of those Photoshop goodies? Let’s see what PSP users are NOT missing. Paintshop Pro can open PSD… Continue Reading

Creating a slideshow with photos or layouts

A few weeks ago, a colleague at work asked me for help. She knew I was into scrapbooking, and computer and all that and she had a special request for a special project. They had just celebrated their brother’s birthday and retirement in a big surprise party. They had many photos and they wanted a… Continue Reading

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