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Remember when…?  –  Box

Remember when…? – Box

As I was preparing for the Christmas gift wrapping and exchanging, one statement my mom used to say, came back to my mind: "Never rely on the box". This statement was repeated at every Christmas simply because she would reuse the same boxes year after year. Continue Reading

Remember when…?  – Santa money

Remember when…? – Santa money

Yes, it is that time of year when many kids will make a long list of presents they want to get from Santa. This can also become a tough situation when families can’t afford items on that list, and parents have to find a plausible explanation for why Santa won’t or didn’t bring in what… Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Curling

Remember when…? – Curling

A few years ago (maybe like 30 years ago), I discovered the sport of curling as we had a fun spiel organized at work. I was new in town, and had never played. However, I do remember that, when I was quite young, I would watch curling, on TV. Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Taller

Remember when…? – Taller

When I was in elementary grades, we had desks that were attached to the chair. It was all one big, heavy desk. I guess they were convenient to prevent moving the chairs, making noise, or even tipping the chairs backward (and risking a fall). Since those desks were “one size fits all”, they all needed… Continue Reading

Remember when…?  – Busy

Remember when…? – Busy

When I was a kid, like most kids, I had some favorite TV shows. I was really impressed by the technology of TV programming when I found out that real people could call in, and have the call answered live (of course, it was the time of live TV, then). Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Early Halloween

Remember when…? – Early Halloween

Halloween has always been a fun time, with enjoyment in the trick or treating part, and the costumes. Going out at night, in the dark, was also a treat in itself, however, it was more fun when Halloween was on the weekend, because we had more hours to go around and gather goodies. Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Medals

Remember when…? – Medals

As I have mentioned before, I was not a particularly athletic child. I liked sports to some extend, but I never had that drive that some other kids had. Sports were fun, mostly if they were individual as I was not much of a team player. I preferred to compete against myself, at my own speed… Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Soccer

Remember when…? – Soccer

I have not been involved much into sports when I was a kid. Yes, I would play some sports at school, and for a while I was doing gymnastics but when I was 11, I had a coccyx accident which basically stopped me (I was not that good anyways). In school, one sport I remember… Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Blister

Remember when…? – Blister

As a kid, we likely don’t have much knowledge of how things can hurt or why and that is why we usually relied on Dr. Mom. When you were a kid, did you understand why you had a stomach ache? Or a blister? Or why removing that scab would make that scratch bleed again? I… Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Harvest

Remember when…? – Harvest

As you might remember, when I was young, my great-grand-mother lived on a farm where they had animals and large fields. Their main crop was potatoes. They had three huge fields, although I only remember the one that was right in front of their house, across the street. Continue Reading

Remember when…?  –  Heating

Remember when…? – Heating

Kids will do things that are not always logical in an adult’s mind, but maybe it is because kids don’t rely on logic to do what they do. They just feel like doing something? They do it. That’s it. And when I was a kid, I was probably no different. Even to this day, I… Continue Reading

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