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Gold Star  –  Bonnie

Gold Star – Bonnie

If you have visited the forum of the Campus in the last months or so, you surely have seen Bonnie post. She has been a long time member of the Campus (since April 2012!!) and enjoys the challenges, the games and showing off her various projects. Let's meet Bonnie. Continue Reading

Gold Star  –  Michele

Gold Star – Michele

In the last few months, Michele has become a very active member of our community, sharing projects and layouts, participating in our games and challenges, but also encouraging others and being an inspiration herself when she shares how she creates this or that. Everyone appreciates her taking time to share that. So, what else do… Continue Reading

Gold Star – Peggy

Gold Star – Peggy

This month, we are discovering a “new” member who has been with us for over 6 years! Interestingly, she does more than just scrapbooking as she uses Paintshop Pro for other graphics projects too. Continue Reading

Gold Star  –  Mireille

Gold Star – Mireille

This time, I wanted to introduce you a very long time member of the Campus. It seems like I have known Mireille since such a long time. Since English is not her first language, the article below is a translation and re-write of her story she sent me in French (yeah, you might have guessed… Continue Reading

Gold Star – Ann

Gold Star – Ann

This month, we are meeting someone who calls herself “our biggest fan”. She has been a member in the Campus since 2015. She has recently discovered the scripts in Paintshop Pro and is having a lot of fun with them! Continue Reading

Gold Star  –  Marlene

Gold Star – Marlene

This month, our Gold Star shares her story from the Southern hemisphere. That shows how our community is really all around the world, and everyone can and do enjoy creative project using Paintshop Pro. I can tell you that Marlene has been a loooong time member of the Campus. Continue Reading

Gold Star – Paige

Gold Star – Paige

This month’s Gold star is a fairly recent student of the Campus, and although she enjoys what is in the Campus, is not specifically a scrapbooker. I guess she is another great example of the power of Paintshop Pro when it comes to graphic projects in a wider context. Continue Reading

Gold Star – Wendy

Gold Star – Wendy

This month, we’ll meet another student of the Campus, and although she has made some scrapbook pages, that she shared in the forum, she also uses her Paintshop Pro for other types of projects. Continue Reading

Meet Benthai – a guy in a female world

  Digital scrapbooking is an area where most adepts are women. Whether they are scrapping layouts, designing products or teaching the techniques, most of them are women. In this wide female world, we can find a few guys who are getting known too. It is time to mean Benthai from Benthai Creations. Continue Reading

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