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DSD 2016


Are you an avid scrapbooker, or a beginner scrapbooker, or maybe just someone who is wondering if digital scrapbooking is for you? Whatever is your level of comfort and interest in digital scrapbooking, Digital Scrapbook Day will be the day for you to be amazed.

A lot of stores and designers will offer various goodies for you, along with sales and activities. And this includes the Campus, and the store too, so you are in for a treat!

Rotating tutorials

If you are somewhat familiar with the Campus, you might know that there is one section called Creative Scrap, that contains hundreds of tutorials on how to create your own paper designs, elements and effects. Those tutorials are only available to paying members. However, for this special weekend, you will get a free peek at 12 of those tutorials.

foldededgecoffeestain cardboard







Check out this page where you will see a different tutorial changing every hour. Since there are 12 tutorials, that means that each of them will be presented twice, each day, on Saturday and Sunday. This should allow you to see them all, no matter what time zone you live in. Among the tutorials, you will see how to create a "real" folded edge, stitched elements, coffee stains, gold charms, brick wall, cardboard and more. Don't miss that opportunity!

step11Build your Baby Book

Do you have some cute baby pictures you want to display in a scrapbook layout? Join me while I will demonstrate how you can create a simple, yet complete layout, totally from scratch, creating the polka-dots, the scalloped edge, the plaid and the custom tag. No more searching for the kit with the perfect colors; you can create those elements from your own photo. This will be the ideal opportunity to start your own baby book.

This presentation will be help on Saturday, October 1st, and it is FREE!

Register now.

creationcassel-300Store sale

Whether you want to create your own patterns and elements from scratch or not, sometimes tools can become handy. Scripts will help you achieve that goal faster and maybe easier than doing everything manually (which can really be tedious at times). If you didn't know yet, there is a store, adjacent to the Campus where you can purchase scripts, but also other unique picture tubes for PSP. Do you know that several Photoshop users in the Campus have purchased Paintshop Pro in order to be able to use those tools?

In the store, you will get 40% off on Saturday, October 1st, and 25% on Sunday, October 2nd. So you better hurry and get your wishlist ready!!

Check out all the goodies in the Creation Cassel store (yes, that is my store).

And more...

More activities will be available but need to be finalized first. Do you want to be first to find out what those are? Join the list!

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Cassel is the owner and main instructor in the Scrapbook Campus.

She has been teaching digital scrapbooking for over 10 years.

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