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    Let’s share your projects you made this month.



    I have been spending time learning how to use the Perspective Tools so I can make card templates for my projects.  I have made 3 templates so far. This one below is a 5×7 stand alone card so I can display my card projects a bit better and to show how they would look when printed. As next Sunday is Mother’s Day here in Australia this will be the card I will give my Mum who is now 98 years old. The Rose and Lace Fan on the card was made using a script I purchased. The Ribbon was made using Cassel’s script. The other elements I have made using  a paper I created and textured and used a Rose Brush I made. I am sure there is still more I can do to improve but I am enjoying the process.



    I forgot to mention the wall effect was created with Cassel’s Brick Wall script that i have just purchased. It is a great script.

    Bye for now,




    Here is the completed layout I created during the live class tonight:

    The video will be available next week (maybe earlier if you are lucky).


    Dawn that card is beautiful, I’m sure your Mum will love it.


    Sheila Hogg

    Lovely Card April, i am sure the recipient will love it.

    Cassel you excel once again and dazzle with your cleverness. Will have a go at this later.


    Sheila xx


    What a nice card, April!  I also like the way you chose to display it, using perspective.

    Cassel, I liked very much the Master Class yesterday, showing techniques that I never imagine that existed. I have to watch the video, when it is available, to try to reproduce the layout.



    Thank you Marlene, Sheila and Cristina for your lovely comments, I appreciate your encouragement. Cassel’s Master Classes on Perspective and Shadows are a great help also. The Forum is a great place to encourage one another in our activities and projects using PSP. Look forward to seeing more of your creations also!



    I downloaded the ICE (Panorama) program Cassel told us about on the blog. I found two photos I thought would rowk and tried them. The program seemed very easy to use for a simple stitch, I have yet to look at all the settings and options, something to fill in a quiet weekend perhaps? I have posted the two original photos and the finished Panorama for everyone to look at.



    You are right, Marlene, the result is pretty good! Thanks for sharing your result!



    What a great job you did of creating a Panorama view of Lake Argyle with those 2 photo’s Marlene!  Thank you for showing it.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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