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    Are you going to try one of the experiments this month?

    I hope i can see someone use that WaterPark font. It looks like so much fun, whether it is a project about a water park outing, a backyard pool party, or even just the dog drinking from the hose. So many water themes that could use that font!

    Don’t be shy. Show off your work!


    Sue Thomas

    A little something I made  last night using  some photos I took  of some of the flowers in my garden.  I used the  lifted photo script, along with some  of your other elements.  You do have some cool stuff. As for the out of bounds technique, I’ve been doing  this for years, I’m  addicted to  making  photos pop in this way.  Still failed to add to the PSP  scrapbooking showcase board.  I get popups, which are then blocked by my laptop.



    Those make really nice cards! Maybe some day, you can print them on the back of real playing cards and make your own deck. An interesting idea for a gift too!
    I’ll try to see what the problem might be with Pinterest.



    Sue Thomas

    I have discovered what the problem is with Pinterest.  My google account is under my son’s  name on his phone, as we use the same email for  business, he’s abroad at the moment and I don’t use a mobile, so when he returns we will sort it out.  Meanwhile it’s pouring with rain, so confined to the indoors. Used your  photo booth strip, spray beads and PSP summer clip art text to make a collage of some more of my  flowers from the garden.

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    You have really nice flowers Sue. A great way to display them!


    DeLoris Musick

    Here’s my results for Lab 06-07.  I made it a Fall theme since it is just turning Fall here, so I did not use the water font.  I will see what I can come up with to use it.  It is a darling font!  I’m a collector of templates!  I rarely use them for my own photos, but I can’t stop collecting them!  It’s nice to use them here.

    Beautiful pages Sue!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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