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    Actually, Barbara, i am not aware of such issue affecting the Text tool. When tools and commands misbehave, there is always the option of resetting to default. The instructions are in a link earlier in this thread. Make sure you save your workspace first, if you have any customizations as they likely will be lost. It is not a fun process as you have to manually reset your preferences and such, but it has been known to fix issues when commands/tools seem to get “corrupted”. I don’t think it would affect the Python modules, but worse comes to worse, you know how to fix that issue.

    Keep me updated.


    Cassel..I went to File>workspace>default and it changed to the default. Then I put my workspace back on and it did the same thing when I went to change the font. Did I reset the default correctly? Its only if I want to change the font. hugs Barbara



    No, that just changes the workspace. Check the instructions in here:

    even if it is said to be for X6, it work the same for X9.


    Cassel…I went back to default the proper way now. I always thought that changing it to default was resetting it…now I know differently and touch wood….IT IS WORKING NOW> thanks very much. hugs, Barbara


    Cassel…the problem with my PSP X9 freezing when using text is happening again. I have taken it down to the default and even tried to write text with it like that and it does not work. the font line on the pull down menu for choice of fonts, starts to shake like a strobe light and nothing will work. I will either have to use my psp X5 because I need it right now for making cards, or find a solution. Perhaps as a last resort I could uninstall it and then re-install it without the patch? Is that the right solution? But I am sure it will ask me for updates and then it might be installed again. Or another solution: is it possible to uninstall the patch? This happened at a very bad time of year and its stressful for me. Do you have an ideas for me? Thanks so much. Barbara



    If you feel comfortable uninstalling and reinstalling, i would say go for it. I would recommend that you use the cleanup tool made by Corel. You can find it here. After that, reinstall the original version and test it first. As long as you don’t need to run scripts for now, you won’t need to install the patch 1 (which SHOULD have the Python modules in it). But it might be enough for you to finish your projects for now, and then, we can look into adding the patches when you have more time and are less stressed to finish. What would you think about it?


    Thanks Cassel. I will think about what to do. I could even do all my text in psp X5 until this is over with cards etc. then fix my psp X9. i really like X9 a lot. there are many things about it that i like. I did download the cleanup tool just in case I decide to do that now. I will think for a couple of days. Have a good weekend. hugs, Barbara



    For anyone experiencing issues with “Random” module error in PSP X9, here is the fix:

    • download the Python package here:¬†
    • double-click to install it

    That should fix the issue.

    We found out it is a recent “bug” that will be fixed with the next update.

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)

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