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    Since this month, we have a TOYS theme for the blog, and there are lots of ideas to inspire you, I am challenging you to create your own layout using the theme of TOYS or post one you already did.

    Are you up to it?

    And check that one layout of mine on the blog post, where my son is playing with something a little… unusual, for a toy!


    Here is my layout for the theme of Toys. I used a kit I got from Scrap Girls called 1,2 Buckle My Shoe and the Block Alpha from Cassel.


    Wanda S

    Love your doll and your story Marlene!


    Love your layout, Marlene, but love even more Bobo and your story! ūüôā



    What a¬†lovely layout and story Marlene. I don’t recall seeing a Bobo Doll when I was growing up. However what a treasure¬† for you¬†to still have¬† the doll¬†and the warmth of those memories.


    Thank you for all the kind comments. Black dolls were very popular for a while in England when I was growing up, April, but I don’t think they are so common now (bit like golliwogs!). I didn’t play with dolls much as a child, preferred cars and toy guns. One day I will have to write the story of how I got the nickname of Davy Crocket!


    Howard Cart

    Wow, what a great story. I don’t think I have anything as old as Bobo. I really like your layout. I think it is going to be a little while for me to build anything and submit it. For some reason, I am following the directions, but not having any luck at all. When I tried to Bind the script, the icon would not move. Instead the text moved without the icon. I must be doing something wrong. Oh well, I will keep going. Thanks for everything and especially your patience with a slow learner like me. I am attaching a print screen for your viewing pleasure.


    Howard Cart


    Here is the page I made for the Theme РToys.

    For the title I used the the Block Alpha freebie for one part, and for the other part I used the PuffyPaint Script.

    I made the flowers using the Preset Shape that comes with PSP and ran the StitchedEdges2 Script. I also used the Twisted String picture tube.

    All scripts, tubes and freebies from Cassel.




    We had some fittings in a box and our grand daughter started playing with them and put them on her knees.   She was also busy playing with a grass hopper.   I used a kit from Kristin Aagard called Bugging Out.  I like her kits they are fun and she has some good sales.   I used Alien Skin for the motion trail.  I really like this plug in, I got it as a birthday present from my family a few years back.  I got the fittings from google search on images.  I made Lexi out of bounds on one of the frames, master class selections everywhere.  I got the cardboard box template from Sugarbutt Artistic Designs.  She has some really nice templates.  The font is Sans Culottes a free font.  I had lots of fun doing this page.

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    Great story and memory  this comment was for Marlene.  I wanted it under her post but it did not work.   Can someone help me to know how to put my comments under the correct post?   Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Howard

    We are all learning here, some longer than the others.¬†Keep trying. ūüôā




    Cristina and Royanne,¬† you both¬†did terrific layouts… well done!¬† very creative.




    As I didn’t have photos of toys that I had as a child, I didn’t think I would be able to participate in this Month’s Theme Challenge Toys. However today I found a Teddy Bear in the Toy Tube Set that came with PSP.¬†So I decided to change it up a bit with texture and a little simple shading and have a go at putting up a post.¬† I¬†started out with a Template from the Lab and changed it to suit my needs. Cassel’s Corner Punches and String Tubes have come in very handy in¬†all¬†my projects.¬† I am in my 60’s now but the memories of my Dad tucking me into bed as a child¬†while I hugged¬†my Teddy Bear will stay with me forever.

    Bye for now,



    April, thanks for you nice comment! I downloaded the plugin Texturizer, that you mentioned in a¬†comment some time¬†ago ¬†and used on the paper. Thanks for the tip. By the way, I forgot to add the shadow to the paper. ūüėČ

    I really love your layout.¬†The colors and the use of the Corner Punches Brush, which I also have but haven’t used yet. Your journaling¬†is very touching and complimments the page.

    Royanne, your layout is lovely. I like the Out of Bounds technique and how you placed the grasshoper hovering her hand. About puting your comment under a specific post, I think this is not available here but only Cassel can confirm it.

    I see here and there that¬†some replies have been modified and I don’t know how to do it. Anyone can tell me how? ūüôā

    I love to see when people post their work here. It is inspiring and I learn a lot.



    Cristina, I am glad you were able to get the Texturizer plugin, I  did not know it was still available as  I understand it is a very old one. I find it a good and simple one  to use and go to it often for effects on my projects, however I am trying to use the one in PSP also for some other effects. Thanks for your kind comments on my layout. I agree with you about posting our work here in the Forum, I to find it inspiring.


    April, I love your layout and use corner punches from Cassel.   I have them and used them but your combination and color scheme is awesome.   The story is a lovely memory, I think that is what scrapbooking is about.   Thanks for the inspirations


    Once again some beautiful pages with lots of different ideas. The colour schemes are really good. April you have just shown us all that you don’t always need a photo to do a fantastic page, your story was lovely.



    Royanne ¬†thank you for your kind words about my layout.¬† I stayed with the colours that were in my paper and the bear¬†I used.¬†¬†Cassel’s corner punches get used a lot in my projects I love them.

    Marlene¬† thank you also for your kind words. I don’t have an abundance of photos, so for me, I enjoy the challenge of using what I have to create my projects.

    Sometimes I hesitate posting because of the fact I don’t have a lot of normal photos, however I appreciate the encouragement¬† I get¬†through the comments¬†I receive when I do.


    Sheila Hogg

    Lovely pieces of artwork being done. So good to see peeps getting involved and inspired and showing what they have learnt from Cassel etc. I have yet to do something but have got involved with looking at all my stored photo’s for this challenge so may be down memory lane for quite a while before I come back to do something. Well done everybody, love all the layouts.


    Sheila xx


    Sheila Hogg

    Here is my go at this. I used some of Cassels scripts to make it a bit easier. The tubes are my own and I used Filter Forge on most of the papers which again were my own creations. I also used Photo Zoom to resize it to 1000 x 1000 px for here but have kept the full 3600 x 3600 px for personal use.

    Anyway, thanks for the challenge Cassel.


    Sheila xx


    Sheila, your page is lovely…The papers, mat, different stitches… very creative.

    I like the use of the gingerbread cookies with sprinkles. I guess it is the Cookie script… it is on my wish list. ūüôā


    Sheila Hogg

    Thank you Christina. The cookie i made from a tut but I agree, Cassels script for them would be a good purchase and time saver.However, I just enjoy making things.


    Sheila x



    Sheila,¬† I agree with Cristina, you page is lovely. I especially like your flowers and your cookies. You are very creative with your papers. I would never have thought to use Filter Forge on papers. I have Filter Forge so maybe I will give it a try.¬†I have Cassel’s Cookie Tutorial but haven’t as yet tried it. Thank you for showing us your creation…¬† and hopefully we will see more!




    Sheila Hogg

    Thank you April, I try I really do as I struggle a bit with composition, not knowing what goes best with what, trying to make it balance without looking like I am making a pizza. Even when I make a real mini book it takes ages to get the cover right.

    The flower I extracted from a photo as I love to ‘tube’ stuff when I can and flowers get done more than other things.

    I have more filters than I will ever use but Filter Forge is one of my favourites and I love the way it can tone down or make an interesting pattern out of a creation, especially if it is a bit not to your liking to begin with. Try it, you will get hooked.

    I also like to use my own or safe to use stuff so that I don’t get tangled up in all that copyright minefield.

    Sheila xx



    Marlene, I thought of your layout when I heard about the World Doll Day (being celebrated on June 10 this year)

    The History of World Doll Day

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