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Mel is not always following the rules!

Mel_FantasyForestDo you know Mel Hains Designs? She has created a fun stylized kit and she is sharing it with you as the sixth designer contributor to the Scrapper’s Dozen event.

If you haven’t seen Mel’s work, you can just click on the preview on the right to get to her store and you can then browse for other fun stuff.

Once upon a time

“I have been scrapbooking and designing for about 5 years, i LOVE it. I never dabbled in paper scrapping, I have always been put off by all the "mess" and by the pricing of paper scrapbooking supplies.  With digital I felt it was affordable and I love anything digital really.”  (isn’t that a common reason to go digital? Avoiding the mess!)

Scrap or design?

“It's a tough one!  They are very different.  I find scrapping is where I challenge myself to do new things.  Designing has got more rules, things to stick to, for example, I feel every kit should have a couple of strings in.  But with scrapping you don't have to scrap with strings.  My next challenge is to scrap more than one photo at a time. 🙂 I also scrap with my own products!  I feel more in touch with the latest styles and trends if I scrap my own kits.  I feel that if I can work with a kit, it should be easy for beginners or for advanced scrappers. “

Style over time

“My style has definitely changed over time. When I started designing, it was all about recreating the "feel" of paper scrapping.  I used lots of textures, especially on my papers.  I have totally dialled that down now.  I am happy with just a card stock texture and not everything needs to have a traditional scrappy feel to it.  This is digital after all.  We can bend the rules a bit!  I still use bright colours, but I am incorporating neutral colours into my kits as well.  White, gray and black papers can be used very efficiently. “

Likes and dislikes

“I find it challenging to create new and fresh elements. A ribbon can be recolored a thousand times, but to make a new ribbon that is fresh is a bit more difficult.  I also dislike making alphabets a lot, but it seems that I kinda have a knack for it. On the other hand, I love designing papers.  Papers are very versatile and with each kit, the papers form the basis of the kit.  If you have fabulous papers in a kit, you are halfway there.”

What about “Fantasy Forest”?

“I am ultimately a "girl" mom, I love to create girly kits and this was one I wanted to do forever.  I did have some input from my right and left hand, my assistant, Michelle. She came up with the name and asked for LOTS of glitter! “

In the kitchen

Mel-Forest“I am not an avid cook, I must admit, but if I have to choose a favourite, I love making brownies.   The reason people love my brownies, is because I dont hold back, I add extra chocolate, toffees and caramels so that you truly get a chocolate overdose when you bite in to them. 🙂 “

Even though Mel says she dislikes making alphabets, I used hers to create this dried fruits package on top of a paper from her “Fantasy Forest” kit. Did you see it in the video #1?

Check out Mel’s blog and Facebook page.

Now, if you want to get hold of Mel’s “Fantasy Forest” kit in addition to the other 5 kits graciously provided by our contributors, you have to register to the Scrapper’s Dozen. It is not too late. The first tutorial (of 12), will be posted on Monday, October 28th. We have already some avid PSP users just waiting for the start. Come and join us.

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And remember to bring in a friend too. The more the merrier!

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