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Meet Evelyn – An aspiring digital scrapper

I met Evelyn over a year ago, when she came to join the Campus as she wanted to start digital scrapbooking. At the time Evelyn was working at the Corel Corporation as a product specialist and also the product marketing manager.

EvelynAre you a crafty kind of person?

I think I’ve always been crafty. It runs in the family. My mom taught me to knit, crochet, sew, paint and encouraged me to see new possibilities from whatever was on hand. I love taking something old and giving it a new life. I also need to be doing something with my hands whenever I can so usually have 4 or 5 projects on the go.

Have you ever done paper scrapbooking before?

Some friends of mine convinced me to try paper scrapbooking and I enjoyed it quite a lot. The only problem is that I found it rather time-consuming and took up my entire dining room every time I wanted to work on a page. I’m embarrassed to say that it took me over a year to finish my first book

How did you hear about digital scrapbooking?

Mostly from creative websites and communities. I was looking for creative design tutorials and noticed how many were dedicated to scrapbooking and offering the same kind of decorative embellishments and papers that I had sitting in a Tupperware container in my basement.

What attracts you to the idea of digital scrapbooking?

No mess, never running out of your favourite paper and that I could “undo” any mistake!

What is the first project you would like to complete in digital scrapbooking?

I think it’s best to think of it as “one page at a time”, because eventually all those smaller projects can lead to a full album

What excites you about the idea of scrapbooking digitally?

Endless possibilities. With digital you can recreate the look of traditional scrapbooking, but can more easily share it online and in print. I can create a single album but can have it printed for as many family members as I want. 

What do you feel would be the biggest advantage of digital scrapbooking over paper scrapbooking for you?

That I can scrapbook anytime without having to set up or clean up

What would be your biggest concern in scrapbooking digitally?

Just remembering to back up my files!

What kind of photos do you have and want to make layouts with?

All kinds. Mostly family memories and travel adventures

What program will you use? why?

Why, PaintShop Pro, of course. I’ve used other programs, including Photoshop CS, but I just find PSP gives me more than I need without being overly complicated or expensive.

Are we going to see some digital layouts from Evelyn? As a crafty person, Evelyn has a fan page for her jewellery hobby. Go check it out!

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